Monday, 25 November 2013

Best Dressed at AMA's

Ariana Grande looking stunning and also like the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit [I just wanna say that I done a previous blog post about Kelly Clarkson with this same kind of look and I want to know who is your favourite? The link is here to view the post]

The beautiful Naya Rivera - MAJOR girl crush!

Gorgeous and Glitz, Jordin Sparks

Elegant and Classy is of course Nicole Richie

Rihanna was actually one of my favourites because she is just so out there with her outfits, she's not afraid to try new styles and this outfit just suited her so well, she looked so beautiful.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dermalex Psoriasis Ointment Review

Hi guys!! Back for a quick post and possibly more in the weeks to come ..

I was sent this package to review this product which is to help with my psoriasis, I asked them on twitter if they'd like me to do a reply in a blog post as I done my previous one I wanted to do a follow up in some way so other people like myself that have it will see how it helped me out, unfortunately I don't want to actually take pictures of my psoriasis because I don't wanna gross people out and it has nothing to do with me being ashamed, it's just my personal space that I don't need acknowledged without people knowing visually - anyways my follow up to review this Dermalex Psoriasis Ointment is VERY positive and I can't believe it, it took the flaring down so much and I'm not so much red anymore, of course I do eat some sweets and other stuff that is not good for it so that is perhaps why I still have it and also stress with Uni but it has helped with my scratching and redness because when it gets red, as sufferers of this will know - it stings like hell!! 

I didn't keep a diary of dates but I wish I did and maybe I might start then let you guys know in a couple of months if it's totally cleared? I might try it but I am extremely busy at the moment so you will all need to just keep an eye out for it ..but I do strongly recommend this Ointment and for me you can see results literally with in a day, may not be the case for everyone but mine has been so bad that I did.  I still have it bad on my head and I can't seem to get rid which is slightly annoying as I am hoping to dye it soon for the first time and I'm just worried for my psoriasis if anything as to what will happen ..I am hoping a tolerable sting and that's it, so fingers crossed and I'll be sure to take pictures and post my experience on here. Sorry for the delay on this and also for blog posts in general as like I said before I have just been so busy with Uni which does suck but not totally as I am enjoying it but just for my blog and TV shows HA.

Enjoy your week everyone &+ Happy Blogging : )

Xoxo - Natalie