Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hayden Panettiere spotted leaving her hotel in New York

Hayden Panettiere was seen leaving her hotel in New York in a school girl inspired look, she had on a chic leather jacket with a peachy coloured blouse and black leather detail down the centre of the top, it was matched with an olive green skirt and a pair of nude heels. She had a leopard purse as well. Hayden had a reason to be all smiles as her TV show 'Nashville' was picked up for a series and will air in late 2012-13. 

Kylie and Kendall Jenner model rock chick-style jeans at the 9th Annual Race to Erase MS event

Kylie and Kendall Jenner were seen at the 9th Annual Race to Erase MS event modelling rock chick-style jeans from the clothing line Andrew Charles. Kendall had on a pair of snakeskin jeans and revealed some flesh in her tiny biker-style T-shirt. Kylie had on a pair of silver metallic jeans and a blue and white patterned strap top and they also had on a pair of black patent platform Mary-Janes. The two girls appeared on the catwalk with Andy Hilfiger, who is the creative director and owner of the Andrew Charles line. They later appeared on the orange carpet with the event's host Nancy Davis. Kendall had on a sweet sixties styled mini-dress, that was silver. Kylie had on a black maxi dress that had a sheer see through skirt at the bottom, they both looked elegant. 

The CW's Upfront Presentation Event : Hart Of Dixie, The Vampire Diaries, 90210 and The Carrie Diaries Cast

 'Hart Of Dixie' stars Rachel Bilson and Jaime King attended the event to bring attention to their show as it's been renewed for a second season and moved to a different night for their show in the fall. Rachel had on a white chanel dress that showed of her petite figure. It was laced and had a small cut at the top part but still keeping it elegant. She had on silver heels to match. Jaime had on a monochrome strapless bra top with a high waisted lemon coloured floral print skirt. She had on a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe high heels as well with a white clutch bag.

'The Vampire Diaries' stars Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev attended the event to bring attention to their show as it's been renewed for a fourth season and there are some dark times ahead for their characters. Kat had on a dark blue maxi skirt that had a high-thigh split with the zip revealing some flesh. It was matched with a light strap top and a pair of black peep toe high heels and a black purse. Nina had on a white dress that fully covered her arms and body until the knee's. It showed of her curves and gave her a sexy but elegant look. Nina had on purple lipstick to match her purple heels and a beige purse.

'90210' stars Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes and Shanae Grimes attended the event to bring attention to their show as it's been renewed for it's fifth season, but unsure if it will be the last due to ratings. Jessica Stroup had on a summer look in a pink and orange dress with a pair of printed wedged heels.  Jessica Lowndes had on a black halterneck- dress, with a heart cleavage line and she had blue heels and a black purse to match. Shanae had on a black blazer with a white blouse and a pair of patterned shorts. She had on black ankle boots as well.

'The Carrie Diaries' star AnnaSophia Robb attended the event to bring attention to her show because on May 11, the pilot was picked up by The CW to series and will air in January 2013. She had on a beautiful summer look as well in a floral print  halterneck - dress with a pair of gold stappy heels. She opened the dress out on the carpet to show the florals which were pink, white and red.

It was The CW's Upfront Presentation event recently which was attended by stars from CW's hit TV shows such as 'Hart Of Dixie' , 'The Vampire Diaries' , '90210' and 'The Carrie Diaries'. It was so nice to see them in summery outfits and ready for the sunshine even though were going to be inside. 

Naya Rivera was looking H-O-T at the People en Espanol gala

Naya Rivera was seen recently at the People en Espanol gala in New York City, It celebrates the world's most beautiful Latin stars. Naya stood out in a black and silver sequined cocktail dress, designed by Naeem Khan. Naya plays Santan Lopez on the hit TV series 'Glee' and she will be returning in their fourth season. At the event she was talking about her character's future and was telling everyone little things about the season three finale episode which is on this Tuesday night. Naya also commented on working with Gloria Estefan and she said 'She's very much the supportive mother — and fun! She was amazing to work with, very sweet and we had the best time. She's very supportive of Santana's lesbian relationship with Brittany.'

Friday, 11 May 2012

Best Dressed on the Red Carpet: Met-allic Costume Institute Gala

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev had on a black and gold confection by Donna Karen. It was backless and showed some flesh. The dress looks like it's one shouldered but there is a small gold strap on the other side. The dress had a long train at the back.

Lily Collins had on a ghostly white laced Valentino gown that had a bow belt in the centre. She had a silver purse as well.

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester had on a light brown and gold Marchesa dress. The dress had some great detail to it all the way down and the in the shoulders, as the dress went gown the gold design stopped to show a light brown bottom skirt which made her stand out. She had a gold purse to match.

Hilary Swank had on a dark red Michael Kors cascade gown, which had a halter neck and showed off her curves perfectly. I just loved everything about this dress and it looked quite elegant as well. She also had a gold purse that went well with it.

Glee star Lea Michele had on a sparkling dark blue dress that had a high thigh split and a plunge revealing some flesh, but making her looking really sexy! She had a purse to match and a pair of silver heels as well.

As everyone will know it was the Met-allic Costume Institute Gala in New York this week and I always do a top 5 best dressed at events like these and it was a hard pick, but I got Nina Dobrev, Lily Collins, Leighton Meester, Hilary Swank and Lea Michele. They all looked absolutely stunning! I really loved most of the dresses at this event as it wasn't just the same stuff you see all the time on the red carpet, it was all unique. I don't really know if these got much hits with any fashion lovers but they certainly did with me, and I love the shows and movies that the girls are in.

Lindsay Lohan attended the television upfronts event for the A&E U.S. network

Lindsay Lohan looked absolutely stunning as she posed on the red carpet at the television upfronts event for the A&E U.S. network recently, she had on a black and gold laced mini dress that showed off her figure and matching heels. The actress was getting remarks about her looks as it looked like she had some surgery done but I think it was just the way she was posing and also sometimes they take close ups and make up their own stories. I'm glad to see her getting herself back to normal now. 

Nikki Reed gets slated my tabloids about stomach at NYLON's Young Hollywood party

Nikki Reed was seen attending  NYLON's Young Hollywood party recently and as she was posing on the red carpet in a beautiful dress which may I add- Showed off her figure perfectly, got slated for "her stomach rolling out" as you can see by the first picture apparently that was fat? Which I do not see. I see her in the second picture showing how gorgeous she is and posing and perhaps breathing in a little? but it doesn't really mean anything. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that the tabloids have pointed this out, considering she's a young lady who can be looked upto by younger girls which I am sure she does get as she stars in the franchise Twilight. If the tabloids are coming out with things like this then what do they expect when they write articles about young girls suffering from anorexia? Nikki Reed is NOT, I repeat NOT fat. She is healthy, fit and beautiful just like everyone else out there. I think it's extremely off putting for young girls to see article's like this and I am sure alot of people will agree.

Pretty Little Liars Cast at ABC Family West Coast Upfronts event

Lucy Hale had on a black chic backless dress with black peeptoe heels to match. Her dress had some frills at the bottom for the skirt.

Shay had on a white laced dress and maroon heels with a gold purse.

Troian had on a black and white bird-print halterneck dress and a pair of black heels. 

Holly had on a black dress same as Lucy Hale(her on screen daughter) with a cut open at the top above her cleavage revealing some flesh. She had on a black leather jacket with heels.

Some of the Pretty Little Liar's Cast attended the ABC Family West Coast Upfronts event recently and they all looked stunning. As we all know (well us fans) we are patiently waiting for the return on the 5th of June this summer for a 3rd season! The trailer got released yesterday and I will have the link below this, It looks like it's going to be -Amazing! Ashley Benson wasn't there but Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario and Holly Marie Combs attended.

This is the link to the Trailer for season 3. I am super excited!! Marlene King tweeted "The premiere is shocking" and apparently there is some BIG twists with emily.