Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tiiiiiiny shopping spree - Body Butter/Harry Potter T-shirt

Hi everyone,

I went and done a tiiiiiiny shopping spree today with my mum because I needed some new stuff for going back up to Cumbernauld, which is where I stayed for my first year of Uni but this time I will be studying a 2 year HND Journalism course at Glasgow college and decide further if I will return to Uni or not.. but that's not what I want to talk about, I want to talk about what I bought which was very little - knickers, socks, tops etc. haha, I want to talk about this body butter I found! 


I think a few people may be really surprised at where I purchased this amazing product from because it wasn't the Body Shop, it was in fact a 99p store. I got the idea from another blogger because she suffers from eczema and she found this great moisturiser and done a review on it from a 99p store near her and I tried to find it but I couldn't so I bought this instead, as coconut anything is meant to be good for psoriasis. I know it may look a bit gross in that picture but I wish we had a smell o' vision option on here for our lush products etc because this would be so good for it. I used it on my skin when I got home and all of my dry skin areas were feeling refreshed again, it even had a sort of glow to it and I wanted to recommend it to my readers just if you have general dry skin or psoriasis/eczema! It's fantastic. I am definitely going back for more when I run out cause I think it may be pretty soon.

I had to do a P.S sort of thing to this post because Primark is my life right now with the t-shirts they have in relating to disney, marvel etc and now they have a freaking HARRY POTTER part and it's amazing, I just had to buy this and it was only £6! There was a Slytherin green top but they didn't have my size. I love it so much, I am such a huge fan of the HP series, both books and films so I just eeeeeeeeek! haha. I got overly excited over a top which can sound strange but trust me anything with t-shirts that relate to my favourte movie/TV show I always buy it. I will do a post on it one day when I have a lot to show you guys. 

Anyways..I hope you all have an amazing week ahead :) and yes that is toes at the bottom of my photo (forgot to crop out, woops!)

Xoxo... Natalie

Monday, 11 August 2014

Health Post: Further Update on my Psoriasis: *Pictures*

Hi everyone,

Last year I done two health posts on my Psoriasis which you can check out here  and here is a review of a product I was sent if you haven't seen it yet and I just wanted to give you guys an update on how everything is for me and let me know about yours too? I was very insecure on posting pictures until I realised after I chatted with some people that it may be a bad idea to be so insecure because I want to help people stay positive and be confident in there skin, so I hope the difference in these elbow pictures really help.

Above are two pictures of my elbows Left and Right and as you can see my left one is not at all bad but when you see my right, it was really bad beforehand until recently I started using Dermalex again and it's clearing up so well. I actually see parts of my skin through my psoriasis which makes me feel so happy and confident when wearing t-shirts as people often just stare at me like I am an alien or something, it's quite rude I always think but I understand as they just question what it is and it might gross them out but when it's summer I am in no way wearing a cardigan or jumper just to make others happy. I really want to credit this product because I used it last year and it helped, but I stopped using it after a month or two because I lost track with Uni work and everything was building up too much stress on me so I just brushed it to the back of my mind.

I have it also on my scalp which can make me so insecure when I want to brush my hair fully back up in a bun or just back with a pony tail, braid etc. but recently again I ordered some new scalp treatment and it's really working, I have to say I have a rather rubbish phone so the photo quality is some what poor but I promise this treatment does work, just please take my word for it.

You can clearly see it on my forehead and slightly on my hair which is hard to stay on top of all the time as I am not always in front of a mirror but it has cleared it up so well and I have also tired to stop itching it as much because that's when it peals and it's not letting the treatment settle. I know there is multiple other serious treatments out there that can get rid of psoriasis but I don't want to risk the heavy symptoms or conditions that can be received afterwards as I have read on so many websites and heard from people that have it that the side effects are so underrated as everyone wants rid of it quick they don't want to even think of them which in my opinion is ridiculous. I want to take my time and also help my diet out as I am not the fittest person in the world or healthiest.

Below are a further two images of my knees that I will later work on after my elbow is done clearing which won't be too long now if I stay on track with not too much sugar (chocolate haha) in my body and less food which will be hard but I am willing to give this a proper try so people can get a further understand of what this condition does and to help people realise that some treatments may be worth that extra hard earned money.


I have done a my into depth with it on my first post so didn't want to just jump into that again I thought why not show the pictures which has taken me nearly a year due to insecurity but if it will help others then I want to do it. It can be such a big deal with someone that has psoriasis to wear a skirt, dress, t-shirt with no jumper etc so if you see someone that may have this condition 1. Do not stare at them and 2. If your friend/family member etc asks how they look tell them outfit wise don't say how they look with their psoriasis because that shouldn't matter. Bring that positivity to your lives and others around you!

The Products that I am rambling on about in this post are listed below and as I was sent a free one before I wanted to let you guys know that Boots do it as well and I will have a link below for that. If this post has helped you then please let me know or let me know if you want to know anything else and I will try my best to update regularly on this Health matter, also pass it to someone you may know that it could help.

*For you scalp* 

 Ask your doctor for this immediately!

*For your body*

Dermalex at Boots ; Prices vary size

Best Dressed: Teen Choice Awards 2014

Hi everyone,

A small list of some of my favourites from the TCAs Last night -

I am so happy that Hilary Duff is back!! You can check out her new single 'Chasing The Sun' on Itunes and Youtube right now! I really would love to see her do a world tour or just come to the UK for something and when I say UK I don't just mean England! She was my childhood idol and I have always been a fan. I was just so excited to find out she was releasing new music and she had to be a favourite when I saw she was attending the TCAs. -

1. Hilary Duff

Pretty Little Liar Shay Mitchell looked very chic in white lace and I love her hair as well.

2. Shay Mitchell

Selena Gomez never fails when taking on the fashion world, looking very elegant in a black suit. Selena for me is always a pleasure on the Red carpet.

3. Selena Gomez

My favourite vampire but no so much at this event is the stunning Nina Dobrev, Nina has such a good body shape for all clothes and in this blue and pink top with matching high-waist shorts definitely proves that. 

4. Nina Dobrev

Hit-Girl is such a favourite Comic character of mine as I love the Kick-Ass series so I always look out for Chloe at events to see what she is wearing and she always pulls it off all the time, with a simple black bandeau underneath her red lace jacket and a pair of matching shorts she is looking fantastic.

5. Chloe Moretz

Everyone looked pretty good at the event and I also wanted to mix match it up with a Male best dressed post after this but not too sure how that would go, I did love Tyler Posey's outfit so maybe let me know what you think of me doing a take on men's fashion when I do these posts?

Hi Hi HELLO - I am back! Update tiiime

Hi everyone,

First of all I want to apologize for not posting on here for ages, a whole 2 months and I am just going to be really honest as to why that is, Have you been on a nice long holiday you may ask? No..sadly not! I wish I was though, but I guess the real reason for this is because I really lost touch like I said in my previous post for my blog. I was just managing without it even though it has always been there at the back of my mind - ALWAYS..haha, I just want to say I am not a professional writer so my grammar etc. will be different to other bloggers you may come across, that does not mean I will write in slang or something I just like having a little 'haha' or something when I am writing.

I started to over think what I was putting on my blog and if it was really good enough, I wanted to try new things like lifestyle and health posts which I will slowly get back into very soon just give me time guys..I got bored of what I was writing and when I started this blog I loved it so I didn't want to just write any odd thing down and I felt like I wasn't writing enough in some ways. Pictures are pretty but I feel words sometimes are more important to me so I will also be taking that into consideration now for myself. I just felt so stressed with finishing my first year of Uni that I kept thinking "I don't know what to do next?" because I was enjoying it but at the same really wasn't which is a strange feeling I know but it's the truth. I just don't think it's the right thing for me or if it's just the courses/Uni I am at so it has been really hard for me lately.

I really miss my college courses I done 2 years previously and during that time I was always on my blog because I always had motivation for it so I really want that back and that is why I am thinking of re-applying back and getting a HND soon and treat it as still important but like a GAP year, which I know can sound crazy but college is obviously more laid back even though still such a big deal. I would enjoy it better I think and all I can do is try my best and see where it takes my head in terms of thinking "What is it that I really want to do?" because at 20 years old, I truthfully have no idea and spend most of my time with my head stuck in a book or watching TV shows like most people my age.

I am thankful for people that read my blog because it was something and still IS something I am so passionate about but I am just going to take it slow and mix and match things up for a while so it isn't always the same thing, maybe there will be some dull days but we all have them and we all have those days were we just don't know how to motivate ourselves into life and it is such an emotional struggle for me. I am going to write more posts like long 'essay' ones with no pictures like this and also do fashion, lifestyle, health, favourites etc because I just want to reinvent my blog into something that is going to motivate me into start posting again.

I actually gained some new followers while I have been gone which is crazy but Hi, Hello..please stay as I promise I have much more to say and express to my readers.