Sunday, 29 December 2013

Glitter and Velvet nails: Would you try it?

Hi everyone,

In my Christmas stocking I got a 2 little glitter packs with fuschia nail polish, now I know I was going to get this because I was actually with my mum at the time she bought it from a shop called Watt Brothers in Glasgow and they do some great nail polishes in there. I saw a red one and it looked super christmasy but I already had my nails done blue so I was in need of buying nail polish remover which I some how forgot to do until today when I went into town and saw Velvet nails in Superdrug!

I instantly kept staring at them and was so wanting to buy but I wanted to wait..does anyone else think there is something a bit tacky about them? yet still amazing haha - Just wanna point out Blake Lively had hers done velvet for her wedding! Wow, very bold move...I know Alexa Chung has leather ones as well but I need to actually think if I would like my nails done like that because it can get really messy..I got the magnetic nail kit before but I don't have the patience for it so it just sort of sits on in my drawer..Hmm let me know what you think for now I have glitter nails to bring in the new year!

Accessorize Velvet Nails Blue Suede {In case anyone hasn't seen them}

My messy glittery nails! I just wanted to try them out to see if I liked them and I do!! ..I like the small sized glitter rather than the big silver chunks better though...

This kind of glitter 'bling' is my favourite because it looks more tidy, normally I just use a sinful colors with two nail polishes but I wanted something different.

Apologies for pool quality photo's, the lighting in my room is horrible and then the camera battery died!! 

Packaging comes like this, this picture was from Google:

Friday, 27 December 2013

Party Season - NYE/Day Outfit

Hi everyone,

I know, I know...I forgot to post on Christmas or before saying it on my lush post but Merry Late Christmas!! Hope everyone had a lovely day and continue to do so over the holiday season..what I didn't do this year was the 'Party Season' Post! I like posting outfits to wear for parties and just girly nights out so I have decided to do one just before 2014 for New Years Eve & Day, I hope everyone likes them and if not just have a look around the sites I have visited and you will be sure to pick one, especially with all these boxing day sales! Enjoyyy... Happy New Year when it comes!! I hope 2014 is good to us all! :)

So I'm gonna start of with NYE outfits because they are kind of more 'Party Season' because there is so many events and parties to bring in the New Year, of course there will be still some going on New Years but most of the time people spend it with loved ones going out for nice meals so there will be a different take but there will be some sparkles still added in...




I think this outfit would be great for a meal out with family or friends.

I think this dress is good if your heading out later in the night

I think this Playsuit is gorgeous for a girly night

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mini Christmas Lush Haul

Magic Wand : £4.95 -  Reusable Bubble Bar, just swoosh it around the bath like a magic wand and bubbles will appear smelling like snow fairy, which is sort of like candy, can be used up to 6 baths as well - amazing!

Star Light, Star Bright : £3.30 - Bath melt with shea butter inside (which apparently is good for psoriasis, so try this out guys!! Also try out the body butter from Body Shop as well as that is where I was told this and do a review to see if it worked with yours) run it under the tap and your bath will turn turquoise and glimmer giving it that extra sparkle.

Snow Fairy : £4.95 - Full of glittery bits inside giving it that extra secret sparkle that everyone loves for a great massage bar, it does melt really quick but once you get it on you, you want to get it again because it makes you feel so relaxed, perhaps use it after a night with the magic wand? [and that has no innuendo in it haha]

Secret Santa : £5.75 - Not a favourite price wise but then again you have to try it to see if it is worth it! You can get up to 6 baths with this bath bomb as well and inside the mini grotto is a little santa waiting to go in the bath as well, I love how the brightness of this bomb and can't wait to use it. It just brings that extra christmasy Lush feel!

All of the products above together, the more the products last- the more it will be worth the money!

Hi Everyone,

I done a 'Mini Christmas Lush Haul' recently while I was staying near Glasgow for University and just couldn't help myself as I love the Christmas products they get in ..I know some people may think that the likes of bath bombs, melts etc are too pricey for just what they are but some of them can last for quite a while so it is worth it and also you get a lovely relaxing  bath out them if nothing else which I am sure everyone can agree on is one of the best things. Lush is one of my favourite places and as soon as I walk in I just want to stay there forever, the smell is just so gorgeous! It is too strong for some people(my mum) haha but she has to cope when I go in because I just get everything and if you've never had one of their products before or maybe you have and want to try something new then you get great customer service where they will show you how they turn out, trust me when I say I am never afraid to ask for this because you want to know if it will be worth buying but then again everything from Lush always is and if you haven't yet then perhaps you will find a Christmas gift for a friend from this post.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

3 Years a Fashion Blogger on the 19th November 2013

Hi Everyone,

The 3 year mark since I started my blog was on the 19th of November but because I have been so busy lately with University[exams] and other personal matters I haven't been able to post as much so I wasn't able to celebrate with my readers! I don't have enough followers to do a lovely giveaway ..I don't think :( just to say thank you for reading my blog and just being a loyal reader and enjoying my posts - If you think I should do a giveaway then please leave a comment because I have some good ideas and I would pick up to 3 lucky readers, not just for this post but at random times, but anyways....

I just want to say thank you so much for taking your time to read through my posts, leaving comments and sharing my blog with other people also. I just want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I hope 2014 is good to us all! :) If you are like me at University or perhaps School/College then just relax, study a little if need be haha and just ENJOY your holidays because they will fly in so quick! Have a good one ... and don't forget to watch Elf! ;)

(this may be a fail considering these are sitting behind my laptop but I do feel christmasy still haha & chocolate coins are a MUST at Christmas, do you not agree?)

Monday, 25 November 2013

Best Dressed at AMA's

Ariana Grande looking stunning and also like the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit [I just wanna say that I done a previous blog post about Kelly Clarkson with this same kind of look and I want to know who is your favourite? The link is here to view the post]

The beautiful Naya Rivera - MAJOR girl crush!

Gorgeous and Glitz, Jordin Sparks

Elegant and Classy is of course Nicole Richie

Rihanna was actually one of my favourites because she is just so out there with her outfits, she's not afraid to try new styles and this outfit just suited her so well, she looked so beautiful.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dermalex Psoriasis Ointment Review

Hi guys!! Back for a quick post and possibly more in the weeks to come ..

I was sent this package to review this product which is to help with my psoriasis, I asked them on twitter if they'd like me to do a reply in a blog post as I done my previous one I wanted to do a follow up in some way so other people like myself that have it will see how it helped me out, unfortunately I don't want to actually take pictures of my psoriasis because I don't wanna gross people out and it has nothing to do with me being ashamed, it's just my personal space that I don't need acknowledged without people knowing visually - anyways my follow up to review this Dermalex Psoriasis Ointment is VERY positive and I can't believe it, it took the flaring down so much and I'm not so much red anymore, of course I do eat some sweets and other stuff that is not good for it so that is perhaps why I still have it and also stress with Uni but it has helped with my scratching and redness because when it gets red, as sufferers of this will know - it stings like hell!! 

I didn't keep a diary of dates but I wish I did and maybe I might start then let you guys know in a couple of months if it's totally cleared? I might try it but I am extremely busy at the moment so you will all need to just keep an eye out for it ..but I do strongly recommend this Ointment and for me you can see results literally with in a day, may not be the case for everyone but mine has been so bad that I did.  I still have it bad on my head and I can't seem to get rid which is slightly annoying as I am hoping to dye it soon for the first time and I'm just worried for my psoriasis if anything as to what will happen ..I am hoping a tolerable sting and that's it, so fingers crossed and I'll be sure to take pictures and post my experience on here. Sorry for the delay on this and also for blog posts in general as like I said before I have just been so busy with Uni which does suck but not totally as I am enjoying it but just for my blog and TV shows HA.

Enjoy your week everyone &+ Happy Blogging : )

Xoxo - Natalie

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

TV Choice Awards 2013: Best Dressed

Jacqueline Jossa

Claire Cooper

Laura Whitmore

Georgia May Foote

Autumn/Winter Weather: What to wear?

Hello Readers,

Struggling to find the perfect outfit for Autumn? or just wanting to keep warm but comfortable and stylish for the cold weather? I have some great ideas for all of you ladies...I am a leggings girl when it comes to this time of year, I don't know about anybody else.. I do where them during summer with dresses the odd time but they aren't longer ones so I can still keep nice and cool with the sunshine, but as we are coming into Autumn- living in the UK especially, the weather can be difficult to work around what clothes to wear? So ask yourself this: In general what makes you comfortable and stylish & what is your weather mostly like at this time of year?! Then you should find a little solution to your fashion problems. Living in Scotland is extremely difficult because the weather is like bipolar and that is genuinely the only way to describe it because sometimes we get really warm in winter, then really bad heavy snow to freezing rain, it can't make up it's mind! So you don't really know if half way through the day it could turn warm and stay like that which kind of sucks, so first of all I would say carry a light jacket with you if you think the day might change or wear a light top with a knitted jumper so it's a mixture but perfect for when the weather changes. I will give you guys a few a ideas of what I have in mind for this season and you can go from there... (also you can check out my winter post here from last year because it may benefit some of you)

ASOS Studded Longline Washed Parka was £90, now £63! Out of stock at the moment but should be soon to go back in for the upcoming season so make sure you 'save for later' 

Warehouse Black Pocket Jegging at £36 you can also get leggings here at £14 but I do know some people prefer heavier clothing because of rain and just getting cold isn't very nice so these would keep you warmer. 

Oasis Floral Print Collar Shell Top at £35 and then you if the weather gets more colder as the day goes on you can put this on over it here which is a black cardigan at £38 and I definitely recommend Topshop for cardigans because I have had one out there for years and they really do keep you warm. There is also the option of a nice jumper from New Look here at £35.

ASOS Aran Jumper Dress at £42 and you don't even need to wear it as an actual dress because you could wear something underneath top or bottom or both and again this mixes up with the weather. 

Lilley Womens Military Lace Ankle Boot in Black at £25 from Shoe Zone, these are my personal favourites when it comes to Autumn/Winter, they last all the way and are sturdy for the snow, what is also good about these boots is that they have a mini - heel on them and they are still comfortable, I really am not a heel kind of girl so this makes up for it, right? I'm just gonna say I'd like to think so aha!

***Part 2 of my 25 things should be up this week***

Friday, 6 September 2013

Scarlett Johansson at the Venice Film Festival

Scarlett Johansson was seen at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of her film 'Under the Skin' , bringing a touch of old Hollywood glamour in her appearance in a long black Versace dress that had sequined detail on the straps and showed of her gorgeous curves. She matched it with nude peep-toe heels and a stunning diamond necklace. 

GQ Awards Red Carpet 2013

Emma Watson went for a different look than what we are normally use to seeing her in which I actually liked because of that, even though I did read some awful comments towards this outfit choice it didn't put me off, maybe she just wanted to try out something unusual that expresses something about her, she had on a Balenciaga white crop top that had short sleeves and black trousers with black peep-toe heels. 

Pixie Lott had on a Christian Dior white dress and matched it with gold strappy heels.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had on a white chic Versace dress and teamed it with silver snake skin pumps.

Rita Ora was seen posing in a black and yellow Etro gown 

not forgetting the men of course...Justin Timberlake took to the red carpet in his favourite Tom Ford suit and boots.

Tom Hiddleston was also seen in his favourite brand Giorgio Armani, and it was a plush velvet double fastening suit.