Sunday, 1 June 2014

Update time!

Hi everyone!

Sorry this post is so late but as I had said before with Uni getting in the way and then exams coming in close I had to put my focus more into that as I was doing my best to take it seriously even though I found it difficult with it being my first year. Now that it is indeed over I feel much relaxed and happy and have no clue until the 17th if I have passed the 3 I sat during May - in all honesty I don't know how to feel about it, nobody wants to be stuck in at home doing nothing with their lives so I wanted to give Uni a shot because I enjoy studying Film & TV and I thoroughly enjoyed doing the same sort of Media course at college before it but I have struggled a lot and even if I do pass I think to myself 'Is Uni for me?' it is such a difficult question to ask yourself but when it involves four years of your life and you feel like you have wasted it then it's truly heartbreaking so I must really think to myself because I can re-sit also I think but  would I even want that? It's a really unsure feeling I get when this time of year comes around so for now I will sit watching some of my favourite youtubers and scroll through tumblr while re-watching one of my favourite TV shows - One Tree Hill! Bought the box sets recently as I was missing Lucas and Nathan grace my screen along with Brooke being truly awesome.

Anyways-  I now want to get back into my blog for the summer and see how it makes me feel because I feel very out of touch with it and I find it so much fun, I am hoping to get that enjoyment back as silly as it may sound to some I did miss out in a few BIG events for red carpet reviews etc and was unsure whether to do super late posts?? we will see how it goes but I can't imagine it being so. I will now start trying to keep up and keep most importantly my readers happy with posts now I have the time to do so I hope you enjoyed this other mini -essay and stay cool and enjoy summer if you have it like myself -if not GOOD LUCK with exams and school, college, uni etc. The year is nearly over so well done for completing it!! I have only one picture unfortunately but I do have to say that I am so happy and proud to be a Hollyoaks fan as they won BEST SOAP at this year's Soap Awards so I may have to do a cheeky late post on that but being a fan for years they truly deserved it!! and Anna Passey looked HOT in that red dress!