Sunday, 25 December 2011

In the trend: Leopard Print Leggings

Leopard Print Leggings have been in trend for quite a while now, It's certainly a hit with the celebrities as you can see above with the likes of Cheryl Cole and Miley Cyrus. I adore Leopard print as you would know from previous posts but these are definitely my new favourite, I bought a pair from New Look and they look really nice on, you can see a vary of styles for leopard print leggings on there too, there was a red pair not that long ago and Jesy (From Little Mix) had them on during the time she was spotted out & about when on the Xfactor, they look really nice too and I am sure they will be back on sale soon just because of christmas everything is near sold out. Amy Childs at the top has a totally different style with see-through slashes in the middle right down to her ankles which also looks pretty nice.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Boho babe Vanessa Hudgens is seeing leaving the salon

Vanessa Hudgens was seen leaving Beverly Hills salon Verabella, were she was obviously indulging in spa treatments for a pre-christmas pamper session! It's well deserved from the year she's had with her acting career. I'm looking forward to seeing her in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island because I really enjoyed her in "Thunderbirds". She wore a loose-fitting black jumper over jeans and brown boots, with her hair piled up in a messy bun and carried a fringe bag. I love her style!

Blake Lively steps out looking casual but hot!

Blake Lively was seen spotted out & about in NYC this week with some super-tight black skinny jeans and lace black heels, she put the look together with a plain black top, black leather jacket and chunky black & white scarf to keep her warm! She was strolling the streets with a brown handbag also which totally went with her look. I notice that whenever Blake is spotted out & about she mostly has a pair of skinnies on and I think that tells us that they are pretty comfortable and they pretty much go with anything & everything!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Kylie Jenner attends the the launch of Kardashian Khaos in Las Vegas!

Kylie Jenner was strutting her stuff on the red carpet at the lauch of Kardashian Khaos in Las Vegas, She was seen wearing a silver sequinned Hervé Léger bandage dress that made her looks much older and sophisticated but the press have already started criticising that it's not often you see younger celebrities wearing these dresses it is mostly found in older celebrities wardrobes, though I think she really suits it and she look's gorgeous and it's not as if at 14 she's going to be wearing it all the time, it was for a special event. She put her dress with a pair of Christian Louboutin heels which I loved!!  

Katie Piper attends Prince Edward Theatre to see "Jersey Boys"

I first of all have to say that Katie Piper is such an inspiration to everyone after what happened to her and I watched her documentary when it was on and it was so emotional but let you see everything that went on after it. She has moved on with her life so well and she done a Katie : My Beautiful Friends special thing before that I watched and it was great, you can donate to her foundation by going here Katie Piper Foundation. The main reason I am blogging about her though is obviously her sexy outfit she had on! Wow, She looked really hot and I love those tights! You can get them from Next and River Island at a reasonable price. I got the ones from Next and I love them. She's wearing black lace hot pants and cream top with black lace trim sleeves, She matched her tights with a pair of black heels, she looked stunning.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Cheryl Cole unveils new collection of high heels

Cheryl Cole has released a new collection of high heels, she realises that not alot of girls can walk in very high painful stilettos, she has went for a more comfort look for her collection, She has done ranges from red carpet appearances to just out and about day time look and smart chic. Cheryl has described her shoes as "killer shoes that don't kill your feet" - which I love! She took everything to do with the designs and she even created names for each style. More heels will be added to her collection in the New Year. Here are some picture's and price tags :

Your Royal Hotness in midnight noir - £79.90 
(This one was named after Miss Pippa Middleton)

Ri Ri - £119.85
 (This one was named after Rihanna)

Byker Grove - £119.85
(This one was taken from the Geordie TV show that was set in her home town)

Head to Stylistpick and get shopping! 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Knitwear

Alot of people say that festive jumpers are "tacky" and "waste of money" but to be honest, I think everyone's different. I love christmas, and I plan on getting leggings that are like the ones Shenae Grimes had on that I blogged about before, they have snowflakes on them which are quite festive. I also adore these jumpers and that's why I blogged about them, I know other people do too because it makes them "feel more christmasy" and you see them in movies for e.g. Home Alone and Deck the halls. Alot of the celebrities are starting to wear them aswell now, they keep you warm too, which is good especially for this weather we are getting just now in the UK. Shops that have these jumpers are most likely to be MatalanJohn LewisDorothy PerkinsTopshop and River Island

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Newest Trend : Peter Pan Collar

I love this style, It makes us girls look super cute with that 'peter pan collar' and it's good that it's not just dresses and tops, you can actually get them in jackets aswell, but i would wear that for something special or just for a non rainy day. I love the laced look with them collars aswell and Lace is such a massive trend right now too, has been for quite a while, especially with blouses. 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Fashion/Style Books!

This book tells you EVERYTHING you need to know!! I would definitely say out of all fashion/style books to get, this would be a must, because Teen Vogue is such a popular place for young people to intern at if they want a job relating to journalism.

It was actually my best friend that told me about this book because I was telling her all the books I am planning on getting soon to do with fashion and she told me about this one, In this book she talks about her fashion tips and gives examples of them all aswell. Alot of girl's might prefer getting a book like this because Lauren Conrad is such a fashion icon over in LA.

I am a huge fan of the kardashians, I watch all their reality shows, KUWTK, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Khloé and Lamar, Kourtney and Khloé take Miami, I love it. I especially love their fashion sense apart from when Kim wears REAL fur, In my opinion I do think Kourtney is the best dressed out of all of them and alot of the fans think the same. The girls have put in some beauty and fashion tips aswell as their personal life. There is a second book out next year on the 9th of Jan with the same sort of stuff in it apart from they go into depth with their fragrances, clothes, shoes etc. 

Here's a picture of the second book below -

I saw this book being advertised on the Daily Mail site 'Click Here' and I thought it looked amazing, It tells you all the 100 unforgettable dresses of all time, It has alot of famous actresses in it aswell with the likes of Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley and Marilyn Monroe. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous! My favourite has to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman the long red gown, she looked stunning in it. This book isn't like the rest with top tips etc, but it will be a good book to get and still relating to fashion and designers.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Kate Middleton was spotted in a Zara Dress and it's selling out

Kate was spotted out in a Zara Dress, It was black laced with tulips for the design and behind that was beigey white. She put it together with a black jacket and a buckled belt with some black heels. It was priced @ £69 as you can see above, It was has sold out in every size, It only went on sale a week ago and everyone loves it and is online/visting stores and getting it! It is impossible to buy online but you might find it in a store near you so make sure you have a close look if you love it! It's not my type of dress if i'm honest, but Kate look's absolutely stunning in it.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Emma Watson at the Lancome event in Hong Kong!

Emma Watson was spotted on the red carpet in Hong Kong at a Lancome event, alot of comments where that she was spotted looking curvier than normal in a corseted black dress and that her cleavage was looking a little bigger and her face looked fuller, but I didn't notice any of that, I just noticed how BEAUTIFUL she looked as always, she teamed her dress with a slicked back crop and bright red lipstick. 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Boots, Boots, Boots! Where to shop?! Have a look here...

ASOS  - Crepe Lace Up Ankle Boots  : £56.00

Oasis Stores - Rosario Western Leather Boot : £75.00

New Look - London Rebel Ribbon Brogue : £34.99

New Look Glitter Wedge : £29.99 

Debenhams - Saints of Fashion Black Knee High Boots with buckle trim : £24.00

These are just some examples, but you can try places like H&M, Matalan, Dorothy Perkins, Lipsy, Monsoon, Topshop, River Island - High street fashion basically and you will find the perfect boots you are looking for! I know alot of people sometimes forget when they go out- what shops to go into, what i do sometimes is take a little note, and just pop in each shop have a scan and if nothing seems to shout out "TAKE ME" then go to another shop and do the same, I'm sure you will find something that will make those legs look sexy!

Shenae Grimes gets into the holiday spirit with her festive leggings

Shenae Grimes was spotted out in West Hollywood yesterday in some snowflake festive leggings with a long, white sweater, black boots and a leather jacket! Seem's like someone's getting in the holiday spirit anyways. 90210 will finish for it's final episode of 2011 this tuesday on CW so make sure you tune in guys @ 8pm. 

Versace for H&M

Here are some examples of the designs and clothes you can get online and  H&M stores available that have this designer, there is also boutiques with the name "Versace" around the world, and if you go onto wikipedia it tells you exactly what places have it Scroll down to the bottom at "Versace boutiques" All the designs are amazing! 

Dress : £79.99

Dress :£99.99

                                                    Black Seude Boots : £79.99

      Dress : £79.99

    Bag : £99.99

Bustier : £69.99

These are just some examples, I didn't wanna put them all on, you can have a look on the site and shop away! I really love the dresses!

Kourtney Kardashian celebrates her second pregnancy by going to breakfast in a tuxedo style outfit!

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted stepping out for a celebration breakfast with boyfriend Scott Disick. Kourtney and Scott, 28, already have a son Mason, who turns two on December 14, her outfit was a tuxedo style outfit, which consisted of a cream shirt, black bow tie and black trousers. She accessorised the look with some fifties-style sunglasses. Kourtney, whose usually spotted wearing sky-high heels, went for a pair of comfortable lace-up flats.