Monday, 26 August 2013

Best Dressed: VMA's 2013

Crystal Reed

Ellie Goulding

Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez

Holland Roden

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Health Post: Dealing with Psoriasis

Hello Reader,

I'm going to be talking about how to deal with a health condition called Psoriasis: The condition is a non-contagious autoimmune disease whereby skin rapidly accumulates in patches on the body, causing a build up of dry, irritated and scaly skin. (Yahoo) - so if you are struggling with it or know friends that do or just want to learn about it because it can appear any time so just be-ware then yea have a long read...

I know not everyone in the UK has this skin disease but guess what, I do! and believe it or not there is a lot more people in the world that has it than just here...I haven't done that much research into it because I don't like the pictures that sometimes come up even though I can see it on my own skin it's not exactly pleasant but when I saw Kim Kardashian struggling with it on her reality show KUWTK I thought maybe it will give people a better understanding as to what we have to put up with on a daily basis because it can get really bad and spread to all different places on the body, lucky for Kim she just said she had it on her stomach and legs, I actually have it on my legs, body, lower back, elbows, head, behind my ears and arms, quite a lot of places but I am just glad to be missing the some other delicate places which I am sure you will agree with and apologies to people that do struggle with it there..I definitely know I am grateful for that at least.

(credit: REX)

I moved about a lot as a child so that was a lot of stress for just my age at 8 years old when I had quite a few friends, good school etc I had to re-do it ALL and actually start again, but my problem was I kept starting again which really wasn't good for me...I was struggling with keeping friends, bullying, moving, growing up and to help with most of that I ate, I kept eating a lot of junk which has had a major effect on this disease for me because it irritates it and so does stress. My dad also has Psoriasis but he gets it much worse than me but always manages to get rid of it eventually, but as I got older people were noticing it and saying nasty stuff like kids do I guess, saying I had nits ..I need to wash my hair.. I have bad dandruff, they just didn't understand and it was really unfair because my mum had to keep explaining to all my teachers what it was and handing in doctor letters for it because the teachers started questioning me scratching my head all the time but the truth was, I was nervous with a lot of anxiety at school so I obviously was gonna scratch and get agitated and it just sucked. Lucky for me I have friends that don't comment on it and they just get on with their day without having to say one thing about it, not even look either.

It actually came to a point later as I grew up in my late teens I had anxiety with it going on public transport travelling to college all the time because I kept thinking the person beside me or behind me was staring at it and just thinking nasty stuff so I was always sort of chugging my jacket up a bit even though it wasn't hiding anything it just made me feel that little bit better when really I should of just sat there comfortable not caring because this isn't my fault - yes I can help it from getting really bad but it comes back constantly and you just need to deal with it. As a result of all this I suggested to my dad to get some sort of medication from the doctors which I absolute hate but it was a must if I wanted to get most of it cleared it up and I got prescribed two different ones:

|Dovonex Ointment Calcipotriol by LEO which was for my skin areas| 

|Scalp Solution for my head|

 next time you go to your doctors seriously ask for these! 

They have worked so good for me and my dad and I keep using them both all the time every day to help it clear up especially if your a girl wanting to wear a nice dress with no tights and your like me and have it on your knees, you might think.."Oh no, get me tights!" but with this, It will help that problem and boys too for shorts or whatever else, this does help. Lately I have read in the media about famous model Cara Delevingne having it and suffering really bad on her catwalks and most of it is due to stress which is obviously understandable and I also read Britney Spears is the same and suffers with it on her ankles and there is some media attention around all 3 ladies and some of it can be a bit over the top but maybe if they spoke up about it to make young girls and boys feel better that are struggling to deal with it, give them a little confidence because of who they are to us - Role Models it would perhaps help a lot.

(credit: REX)

Cara has slightly put a downer note on it by saying she could end up giving up runway modelling because of it but I don't think she should..I don't think it should be that big a deal for people because she is gorgeous and obviously has the body for all the clothes so that should be all that matters instead of staring at her skin and thinking "what on earth is that?" It all seems a bit far fetched...I just think more people should speak up about it instead of sitting hiding away and stopping yourself from doing what you love because of it. It is in no way the new 'in' thing to have because I have read someone's comment on an article saying that, it is one of the worst health conditions anyone can ever have, not just models.

Share this post if you think it might help someone, I know it's not exactly the best advice or in depth post about it but I hope it will help some people who are struggling to deal with it and just make sure they know they can feel confident! It's not your psoriasis your being judged on..your dress/shorts/outfit will stand out more! Please feel free to comment if you struggle with it or know anyone that does and maybe put some advice as well. ~Follow Your Dreams~

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Get to know the person behind the blog! *!25 things!* PART ONE -

Hey guys,

I have been blogging for quite a bit now and I have only done like 2 posts where you actually see me, well considering the beauty one was just my lips I may need to exclude that but understand like a lot of other people I do have major anxiety and do not like posting pictures of myself unless it is really silly ones with friends on facebook(which is weird because it is indeed still a picture of ME, yes I know you may want to argue around that) but anyways, I thought why not give you 25 things answered about the person behind the blog: Natalie Miller. This post will be split in 2 so PART TWO will be up soon! 
You may not be interested and prefer posts like my usual celeb fashion ones but I really do want to start mixing up my blog with different things it's just I say this then doesn't happen because I am so lazy watching films, TV Shows and just having no life..well I have a life with them haha. Ah babbling.. Here is 25 things, Enjoy! 
Also feel free to post a comment with a URL to your blog and perhaps do a repetition of this for your readers if you are an anonymous blogger that is wanting to show everyone who you are! :D

1 and 2 is - on the LEFT that is Me (not very good lighting but yes haha) 2 is on the RIGHT is My best friend Leanne and she has a beauty/fashion blog here but is never on it anymore cause she is SO busy with her personal life but you can try persuade her to come back. I love her a lot!

3 is - This is my friend Kirsty (Left), I only met her last year at college and but we clicked and became close so quick, She is such a good listener and we hang out a lot either at wetherspoons laughing for ages or at the cinema ..some people may say that we do not know how to control our spendings £££ which is so not true guys....(it is really! but we do not care haha) I also love her a lot! Kirsty has a blog also guys which is here so make sure you click and follow as she is just a beginner!

4 is - I love TV Shows, Films and READING.. My top favourite things and they will probably never change! I do watch too much but it keeps me busy and most of all happy! I like everything and anything, from Glee to Breaking Bad to Being Erica and Iron Man to The Perks of being a wallflower to Harry Potter! so Yea, they may not be my top ones but I seriously adore a lot. Have a look here

5 is - I miss being younger!! OK..I am a teenager still well nearly getting kicked out that generation actually to become 20 next year! Scary right? I want to be 5 again! I wanna get up at 7 in the morning and watch Dick & Dom, Pokemon, Max Steel etc with my brother :( it's sad, but we all have to grow in get older, we can still stay immature and just KIDS. (No I did not just watch Peter Pan 5 mins ago even though it may seem like I did)

6 is - I HATED School. I only got 2 solid friendships out of it, Leanne who is my best friend always and Amanda who went to college with me in my second year and is great to hang out with, I done a winter wardrobe post on her a while back..I was bullied, teachers hated me and made me suffer, I was insecure, I guess it just sucked but I did have 3 amazing teachers who I can't say but they were the best and I miss them still haha! 

7 is - I need to keep my hair long because in primary 7 I had a nightmare situation - My gran cut my hair, later telling me it had been 6 freaking YEARS since she last done it and I looked like a member of The Beatles..which wasn't fun but luckily hair grows!!

8 is - I used to be OBSESSED with JLS, I sort of had a shit year in 2008 but when they came on X-factor they honestly made me the happiest teenager ever, I then went on to stalk them (through my computer haha) and saw them 6 times live, also with my best friend Leanne. They split up after 5 years together but trust me when I say those 5 years made me super happy and kept me going through school. I am a crazy crazy girl, or was haha. 

9 is - I am an emotional person to the MAX, My mum says I get it off her which I must do but I really do hate it sometimes because somethings you just don't know if you can share with people and I have trusted a lot of people to realise they weren't really my friends after all which sucked luckily when I went to college I found a real friend in Kirsty and she is a beautiful listener and I listen to her problems as well and we like to help each other out. 

10 is - I am from SCOTLAND. Ok wait? Girvan. Yes, by the seaaa side! it is home ofcourse but I would like to move some day..I say that and I will probably cry living on my own. Anyways . . . lol

11 is - I have always wanted to travel places, even though I can never make up my mind with what weather I like, I have always wanted to! I must go to NEW YORK one day! Check my board on Pinterest here

12 is - I enjoy studying all things Media which I done at college for 2 years and I got into UNI this month to study Film/TV & Digital Media :D I am indeed an Aspiring Journalist, Fashion? Who knows! I love film as well.

13 is - WHY FASHION WHY FASHION? - I have bought LOTS of magazines through my teenager years and always loved everything fashion related in them! I love the clothes, the beauty, the designers, everything!! May not seem it from what I do where in real life but I honestly do love it and I love seeing what celebrities where as well which is why I post so much about them! I started a blog for fashion because well, I have a passion for it which is funny because my URL is ? letfashionbeyourpassion. I have thought about doing youtube videos with outfits for my blog but you never know when that might happen.

Thank you so much if you did stop by to read this! If you leave your URL I will check yours out too! I hoped you enjoyed learning some things about me! (even though some were pointless like 'I am from Scotland' haha)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Teen Choice Awards 2013: Favourites

Michelle Rodriguez

Holland Roden

Selena Gomez

Lucy Hale

Chloe Moretz

Kat Graham's Minnie Mouse Purse

Kat Graham was recently spotted doing promo for her new song 'Power' at Radio Disney in LA and she was wearing a matching bag that went with that location, a gold Minnie Mouse purse with a chain and I just love it, wasn't  too keen on the outfit but she seems so comfortable with her style that her fans get used to it and I do love Kat, especially in The Vampire Diaries as Bonnie. Make sure you check out her new single on itunes as it's the first released from her debut album and if anyone knows where the purse is from leave a comment below!

Nina Dobrev covers Cosmopolitan for September

Nina Dobrev is covering September for Cosmopolitan magazine, she is wearing a black and white checkered mini dress with matching heels on the cover. Nina talks about her friendship with BFF Julianne Hough, relationships and her hit TV show The Vampire Diaries which returns in October. Nina looks stunning on the cover and her photoshoot is just beautiful. Nina comments that the media potrays her friendship with Julianne as if they bond over break-ups due to their recent ones with her co-star Ian Somerhalder and Ryan Seacrest - when in reality she says ''That's not what our friendship is about. Unfortunately, that's how it's perceived, but there's more to us" Make sure you pick a copy!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lily Collins on 'Good Day' to talk about The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Lily Collins had an appearance on 'Good Day' to talk about The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones which is her new film coming out in UK cinemas later this month. Lily was seen wearing a black and red blouse with a pair of black shorts and knee-high boots, a dark but very stylish choice. I really liked this outfit because it was different from what you normally see, it was a bold look but she really suited it. 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Young Hollywood Awards Favourites

AnnaSophia Robb went for a floral strapless dress that had butterflies printed on it, she matched it with silver heels.

Crystal Reed went for floral as well in a stunning dress with side pockets and matched it with strappy peach coloured heels. Holland Roden had on a beautiful floral jumpsuit and matched it with black strappy heels. (These lovely ladies were my favourites)

Lucy Hale had on a black laced skirt with a white laced top, she matched it with a pair of black strappy heels and a black purse.

Selena Gomez in a black halter-neck dress with studded detail on the shoulders and the back, round the sides going into a belt. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Rita Ora becomes the new face of DKNY

Rita Ora was seen posing as the new face of DKNY in Times Square recently, she was posing for the fashion house's Resort 2014 collection. Rita was wearing a black dress with a mesh jacket. She was seen strutting down Times Square posing for the cameras and hanging out a yellow cab with a blue bag, New Yorkers were seen stopping by to catch some of her in action when modelling.

Blake Lively covers Lucky magazine for September

Blake Lively is covering September's Issue for Lucky magazine, she talks about how she does not have a stylist because she trusts her own fashion picks, can you believe that? I can, I'm pretty sure she has learned a lot from being in her hit TV Show Gossip Girl that finished up recently. She talks about her marriage to the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds and shot down rumours of her pregnancy. She also explained that she needs to have a 'princess day' every once in a while.That could call for wearing something totally inappropriate,' Blake revealed. 'Like a beaded purse and a gorgeous pair of crystal heels just to go to the grocery store.' Make sure you pick up a copy of Lucky Magazine to get her full interview and see some of her gorgeous photos.

Kardashian Sisters to launch new clothing line with Lipsy

Kardashian Sisters have announced they are launching a clothing line with Lipsy in October, this will be their second line in the UK, after there range with Dorothy Perkins was a brilliant success among fans of the reality stars. It will be available in Russia, Ireland and the Middle East, prices are set to range from £30-150 because of the high-end feel you will get from the fresh new materials they are bringing out.  Khloe had said: 'We're collaborating with Lipsy to bring a fresh new range of pieces and I can't wait for the new line to hit stores.' Kim later added: 'We always want to keep things fresh and exciting for our fans across the world and we can't wait to see the response around these new pieces.There are some really stylish blazers for the fall, sexy evening dresses and statement pieces I can't wait for everyone to see.' I will make sure I post if they do another signing for fans nearer the time, but for now save your money - can't wait to purchase!