Monday, 30 April 2012

White House Correspondents' Dinner : Best Dressed On Red Carpet

Lindsay Lohan had on a classy black dress that was silk and had a plunge at the front revealing a little flesh. Her dress had a long train at the back and cut in at the bottom of her back but leaving the rest visible. Lindsay had on black heels to match.

Dakota Fanning had on a light blue dress that had a slight plunge and a cut out under the top button revealing some flesh but still kept it elegant. Her dress had silver sequins to match her silver bow heels. Dakota also had a silver purse to match her dress and heels.

Kate Hudson had on a long shimmering purple dress that showed of her figure to perfection, it was also very classy and it was definetely the perfect dress for the star. It also had a shimmering black around the wrist. Kate had  a pair of black heels on and a black purse to match.

Elizabeth Banks, the talented and beautiful if I may add - ''May the Odds, be ever in your favour" I am a huge fan of the books and movie! Elizabeth was in a hot red colour for the night perhaps for her co-star Jennifer Lawrence's character Katniss Everdreen 'The Girl on Fire' from The Hunger Games. She was very bold and looked elegant. Her dress looked very simple but that made fore me that made it stand out more, with her top going out to have the skirt showing off her curves, She looked amazing - My favourite of the night!

Zooey Deschanel had on light grey dress that had silver sequins like the gorgeous Dakota Fanning and had a belt around the waist. Zooey always gets some unusual comments from tabloids about her style but I just find it quirky and it represents her and alot of fashion lovers will know the best way to describe yourself can be through fashion or just give your personality away. We all know her as the fun-loving girl ''Jess'' and even she has said that her character shows some of her true qualities and shares the same style.

As everyone knows it was the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night and I have chosen my top 5 ladies of the night. Best Dressed of course, I had chosen Lindsay Lohan, Dakota Fanning, Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Banks and Zooey Deschanel. They all looked absolutely stunning there was more that looked amazing but I just had to blog about them! Some of the tabloids were saying that it wasn't a good idea to have a "flashy" dress because your with the President and were hitting out to Lindsay Lohan for being to "revealing" but I saw Rosario Dawson in a plunging dress that was way more worse.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

British Soap Awards 2012 : Best Dressed on Red Carpet

Michelle Keegan had on a very classy dress and it was my favourite of the night (Perhaps the reason she won  "Sexiest Female") it was a shimmering blue one shouldered dress that had a small train at the back, she had a black purse as well. Michelle definitely looked very elegant and classy.

Gemma Merna had a sexy appeal to her dress with a high-thigh split up her left leg revealing some flesh, it was a shimmering light blue and she had on a pair of nude heels.

Jessica Forrest was another favourite of mine in a dark blue dress that lifted out at the skirt and had a frills at the bottom, her top had silver buttons all over it and she had on a pair of sparkly silver heels. 

Jennifer Metcalfe showed off her curves in a beautiful teal coloured bandage dress. It had high splits at either side revealing a little flesh and she had on a pair of nude heels.

Jacqueline Jossa was my final best dressed lady of the night in a stunning shimmering gold dress that had a boost at the bottom to make it go out a little. She was also up for "Sexiest Female" but lost to Michelle Keegan.

As all my fellow UK fashion lovers will know it was the British Soap Awards last night & I just wanted to tell everyone my top 5 favourite and believe it or not, they turned it up even more this year looking even more fabulous, striking their poses, there was some dresses that popped out a bit too much for the camera, but most were sexy and classy. The winners are up on the digital spy website. 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kylie Jenner spotted in a Rock-ish styled outfit

I just had to post about this outfit, it was definitely my favourite look I have seen her in. A rock-ish feel to it as well, I had seen pictures of Kylie Jenner being papped when she was out and about with some of her family in New York and she had on a blue polka dot blouse with a black leather skirt. She had on a pair of black socks and leather boots. I have always loved her style but this one stood out to me recently. It's definitely an outfit that is her taste, bold and it makes her stand out. The tabloids sometimes give Kylie and her sister Kendall who is also being papped in the picture also some criticism about their choice of outfits because of their age but I think they look gorgeous and I suppose not just that, the girls are being papped everywhere they go so they might want to feel that extra bit good.

Lindsay Lohan strikes a pose at Star magazine's All Hollywood party

Lindsay Lohan was seen striking a pose on the red carpet at Star magazine's All Hollywood party recently as she went for a more modest look in a black skirt and a black top with gold sleeves and had a pair of black and nude heels on to match. Lindsay looked amazing and it's nice to see her getting back on track after all the troubles she has been through, she still gets the odd hit from tabloids. I hope she will get back into acting for a while and stick to it because I do miss her in the movies. 

Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the opening of Scott Disick's restaurant

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were spotted at the opening of  Scott Disick's new restaurant in New York. They were posing on the red carpet together looking stunning as always. Kendall had on a blue, pink and white striped mini dress that puffed up on the sleeves, she also had a pair of gold heels on that showed off her tanned legs. Kylie had on a yellow blouse with a black blazer and a white skirt, she had a pair of black heels on that showed off her tanned legs as well. The girls are both models and it's nice to see them seperate themselves from their family who are famously known as "The Kardashians" I'm sure were going to be seeing these young girls more and more, especially in the fashion world.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Best Dressed at the GLAAD Awards

Naya Rivera had on a gorgeous red dress that frills at the bottom of the skirt and showed of her curves to perfection. Naya always looks super hot in anything! She also had a pair of Christian Louboutin heels on and had a red purse to go with her dress.

Dakota Fanning had on a cream sequin dress that had a slight low cut and the skirt had a cut going through it to reveal some flesh. She had a pair of gold heels on and a gold purse to match.

Shay Mitchell had a sexy black mini dress that was one-shouldered. She had a pair of black heels to match aswell.

My Favourite Pretty Little Liar Lucy Hale had on a sweet white mini dress as well that had a bow at the waist which gave it a boost at the skirt. She had on a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti black suede high-step bootie shoes as well. I have to comment and say that I adore Lucy's style because she's different and doesn't "follow the crowd" she just wears what she feels show's her. 

As we all know it was the GLAAD awards recently and I am so pleased for Josh Hutcherson that he won the "Vanguard Award" it was well and truly deserved to him and his speech was amazing and we could see he meant every word. He praises his unlce's and I am sure they are very proud of him. These are the 4 girls I chose that were best dressed in my opinion at the event. Naya Rivera(Glee), Dakota Fanning, Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale(Pretty Little Liars). 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Emma Watson attends TriBeCa film festival

Emma Watson was seen on the red carpet at the TriBeCa film festival as it was the screening for her friend's film "Struck By Lightning'' . We all know Emma Watson has been in the fashion world for quite a while now but  I really loved this look. It was chic and summery. Emma had on a black leather blazer with a white blouse and she had on a sky blue printed skirt that showed of her legs. Her outfit was definitely her and we really get a fresh glow from her a swell.

Lea Michele attends the Taste for a Cure event

Lea Michele was spotted attending the Taste for a Cure event at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills yesterday. Lea showed off her beautiful tan and she was in a black lace dress that was mid-length. The dress had some pretty detail to it at the lace in the arms and front, there was a nude dress underneath to hide her modesty. She had a black pair of stiletto's with it as well. The lace detail from her dress looked like it was in a pattern of flowers.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dakota Fanning Spotted at the opening of the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York

Dakota Fanning was spotted at the opening of the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York on Wednesday and she was glowing and not in her usual style, she had a bohemian style headband which looked more like a halo with her blonde hair coming down at the sides and she had on a pink lanvin dress, which boasted at the sides. Dakota had on a pair of nude heels and a gold clutch bag as well. I have been a fan of Dakota for years and she looks so grown up at these events now, it's good to see her style evolve.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Miley Cyrus in a black and white skull playsuit

Miley Cyrus was spotted leaving a pilates class in LA recently and I just had to blog about it! I love playsuits , but this is definitely one of my favourites. It actually reminded me of Lucy Hale because she has that gothic kind of style and she loves skulls. The playsuit was black and white and had skulls placed over it. Miley has been slammed by the media lately because of her dieting and has being called "Anorexic" but to me she look's amazing, I would love to have her figure to wear an outift like this. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mila Kunis poses in pink in the latest Christian Dior campaign

Mila Kunis signed a deal with Christian Dior recently and is starring in their new campaign for their latest handbag. Mila looks beautiful in a low cut pink dress and a pair of sunglasses in the second photo. Mila has said that she is just learning about fashion and doesn't really wear alot of feminine outfits when she's out and about but loves to feel it on the red carpet. She said : 'I find that Dior is an incredibly grounded house, I always thought what Dior does is so sophisticated, feminine and beautiful.'

Academy of Country Music Awards - Best Dressed on Red Carpet

Taylor Swift had on a beautiful white gown by J Mendel with gold detail at the top and just above her knee's. The dress had cut- out at the two sides revealing a little flesh and had a small train at the back.

Carrie Underwood had on a strapless cream gown by Abed Mahfouz that had a high-thigh cut on the left leg revealing a little flesh giving a sex appeal. The dress detailed with beads and had a small train at the back. Carrie's heels were sparkly silver and were quite like Cinderella heels.

Kimberly Perry had on a strapless silk tulle nude mermaid gown by Cengiz Abazoglu. Kimberly's dress had some details and designs to it and stopped at her thighs to show the ruffle mermaid skirt at the bottom.

Miranda Lambert had on a gold dressed which was inspired from a Grecian style. It was definitely my favourite of the night because of the detail on it that kind of looked like a mermaid's tail. Miranda's dress went in at the top to give her a halter neck and it had a short train at the back.

It was the ACM Awards recently and I have chosen who I thought was best dressed at this event, normally I choose 5 but this time only 4! I chose the beautiful Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kimberly Perry and Miranda Lambert. I am positive that most will agree they all looked stunning and I have to say the detail on Miranda's dress is amazing, It's definitely my favourite of the night.