Friday, 11 May 2012

Nikki Reed gets slated my tabloids about stomach at NYLON's Young Hollywood party

Nikki Reed was seen attending  NYLON's Young Hollywood party recently and as she was posing on the red carpet in a beautiful dress which may I add- Showed off her figure perfectly, got slated for "her stomach rolling out" as you can see by the first picture apparently that was fat? Which I do not see. I see her in the second picture showing how gorgeous she is and posing and perhaps breathing in a little? but it doesn't really mean anything. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that the tabloids have pointed this out, considering she's a young lady who can be looked upto by younger girls which I am sure she does get as she stars in the franchise Twilight. If the tabloids are coming out with things like this then what do they expect when they write articles about young girls suffering from anorexia? Nikki Reed is NOT, I repeat NOT fat. She is healthy, fit and beautiful just like everyone else out there. I think it's extremely off putting for young girls to see article's like this and I am sure alot of people will agree.

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