Sunday, 14 October 2012

Who win's the Style War? Rita Ora Vs. Rihanna? - I Love them both!

There has been a few comments for the past year about Rita Ora ‘copying’ Rihanna’s style, music and I think just about everything in general the way some people are going on but I think it’s just the simple fact they are both so alike they have the same taste in fashion that it just ends up they wear the same stuff I know Rita is signed to the same Roc Nation record label as Rihanna, but that doesn’t mean she is in any way copying the superstar.

Rita told Rollacoaster Magazine: 'To tell you the truth I don't really care. My music's different, we sing differently, we're from different parts of the world. Plus we've seen each other lots of times and we hang out, so if people are trying to create a feud, not going to work.’

If you look at the pictures below you will see their similarities, but how often do you and your friends accidentally wear similar outfits? When you lead the same lifestyle and are of a similar age and personal taste, it’s inevitable. I think tabloids need to give the girls a rest, because both ladies are extremely talented in their own right, and both deserve to be successful, rather than being pitted against each other in a faux catfight.

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