Sunday, 2 December 2012

Amanda's Winter Wardrobe


I have been thinking about doing feature posts on my friend's styles for a while now but never actually got round to it due to been so busy with college work. I have now got back into things and I thought I'd make a start of it by doing a week on  my friend Amanda's winter wardrobe. I know a lot of people are against tights/leggings with shorts, but when in winter(especially living in Scotland) and you want to wear gotta wear the tights/leggings underneath to keep warm! 

Amanda has on a blue anorak, yellow knitted hat, purple knitted scarf, purple jumper, denim shorts with grey knitted leggings and black high-top wedged heels. If you are looking for hats/scarfs then you can check out my Wrapping Up for Winter Post and you I said some good sites like River Island, New Look where you will definitely find them and the knitted leggings. 

The reason I chose to post about this outfit choice was because a lot of people just think Jeans are the only type of clothing that will keep you warm in the winter, I'm not saying they won't but you can still keep in style and wrap up warm and this outfit makes that statement.

Denim Shorts/Zara
High-Top Wedged Heels/BooHoo

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