Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tiiiiiiny shopping spree - Body Butter/Harry Potter T-shirt

Hi everyone,

I went and done a tiiiiiiny shopping spree today with my mum because I needed some new stuff for going back up to Cumbernauld, which is where I stayed for my first year of Uni but this time I will be studying a 2 year HND Journalism course at Glasgow college and decide further if I will return to Uni or not.. but that's not what I want to talk about, I want to talk about what I bought which was very little - knickers, socks, tops etc. haha, I want to talk about this body butter I found! 


I think a few people may be really surprised at where I purchased this amazing product from because it wasn't the Body Shop, it was in fact a 99p store. I got the idea from another blogger because she suffers from eczema and she found this great moisturiser and done a review on it from a 99p store near her and I tried to find it but I couldn't so I bought this instead, as coconut anything is meant to be good for psoriasis. I know it may look a bit gross in that picture but I wish we had a smell o' vision option on here for our lush products etc because this would be so good for it. I used it on my skin when I got home and all of my dry skin areas were feeling refreshed again, it even had a sort of glow to it and I wanted to recommend it to my readers just if you have general dry skin or psoriasis/eczema! It's fantastic. I am definitely going back for more when I run out cause I think it may be pretty soon.

I had to do a P.S sort of thing to this post because Primark is my life right now with the t-shirts they have in relating to disney, marvel etc and now they have a freaking HARRY POTTER part and it's amazing, I just had to buy this and it was only £6! There was a Slytherin green top but they didn't have my size. I love it so much, I am such a huge fan of the HP series, both books and films so I just eeeeeeeeek! haha. I got overly excited over a top which can sound strange but trust me anything with t-shirts that relate to my favourte movie/TV show I always buy it. I will do a post on it one day when I have a lot to show you guys. 

Anyways..I hope you all have an amazing week ahead :) and yes that is toes at the bottom of my photo (forgot to crop out, woops!)

Xoxo... Natalie

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