Thursday, 26 January 2012

Some of my favourite outfits from the NTA's red carpet

Tulisa had on a bright pink dress with a feathered skirt at the bottom which brought her dress out and it shaded the pink down. She teamed the look with a pair of silver heels.

Lucy Mecklenburgh had on a oyster pink gown with a slash down the side to show some flesh, it also had a small cut in at the side and at the shoulder with a glitter siver line ,she had a clutch bag to match.

The lovely Little Mix girls were mix and matched, you get a sense that they done most of their styling, Leigh-Anne had on a white leopard print dress with black inbetween and poppies to match jesy's top, She finished it off with a pair of back boots. Perrie had on a pair of black leggings and a black vest to match, she accessorized with a gold cross chain and a headband, she finished her look off with a pair of red boots. Jesy had on a pair of black slashed leggings and a zebra - print top with some poppies on it to go with her black wasitcoat. She finished her look of with a pair of black leather spiked heels. Jade had on a orange blouse with black laced shorts which had a black braces. She finished her look of with a pair of glittery purple heels.

Fearne Cotton had on a silver vintage fringed dress which had different sequences and designs all the way down it. She finished her look of with a small white bag and a pair of red heels.

It was the NTA's last night(National Television Awards) in the UK, and I was checking out how the fashion went down on the red carpet and If I am honest, It was pretty poor, some of them even dressed like they weren't even going to the awards! Some of the soap stars shined on the red carpet and looked absolutely gorgeous but I didn't want to do a huge list. I managed to pick out just a few of my favourites of the night which was Tulisa(Ndubz), Lucy Mecklenburgh from a UK reality show (TOWIE), Little Mix and Fearne Cotton. 

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