Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Emma Stone's Revlon Lipstick Butter and Lipstick Balm Stain

I know this isn't fashion, but why not add a little beauty into my blog..the perfect first post would be on Emma Stone of course, who just recently has being doing some work with Revlon on make-up. Emma is such a stunning girl and a lot of girls look up to her like myself so it was good to see her getting into something like this because normally I'm not a fan of the whole "celebrity" make-up stuff because it normally is crap and doesn't last but I wanted to give this a shot as I heard so many good review's. I was in Boots today and I was doing some testers and I honestly fell in-love with the bright pinks more than any other colour and started to get petrified as I thought there was no way that colour would suit me but surprisingly it actually did. 

I bought the Revlon - Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain : "LoveSick" and it really does stay on for longer than I thought it would, normally with lipstick at least once a girl gets it in her teeth and it's nasty, but with this crayon like design you can put it on perfectly to suit you as you are in control of the crayon. As someone said in a comment on the website "Great for lipstick-shy" because a lot of people are afraid of bold colours but this one gives you a nice glossy feel but doesn't stick on your hair!

I also bought the Revlon - ColorBurst Lip Butter : "Sweet Tart" The buttery texture makes it as a lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss all in one, it is very moisturising and has very good pigmentation. As you can see above it isn't that bright but again it stays on for longer, in the picture above it looks like quite a light pink but it's not actually, it's quite bright more like fuschia. 

Both Priced at £8

The picture above is the packaging it comes in and I definitely recommend to all and not just beauty geeks!

I know it's not that nice to be zoomed up into somebody's lips but I just thought it might give more girls a better idea of whether or not if it's their thing to buy.


  1. cute, i'll buy it on my next makeup-shop-tour :D


  2. Cool post! I'll have to try this, I'm more of a lip balm person. :)



  3. That is an amazing review!