Thursday, 1 November 2012

MAJOR SPOILER: Blake Lively shoots Wedding Scenes for Gossip Girl

SPOILER: Blake Lively shoots Wedding scenes for final season of 'Gossip Girl', I know this is such a MAJOR spoiler for fans and many fans of the show will now know who she's getting married too but I thought I would rub his face out in paint and hands(haha) just in case you might start to guess and be right- If you do know then please do NOT post  a comment with the character's name or Actor's, If some fans prefer to wait then I want to respect their choice, especially as it's the final season. Moving on to the real reason of this post was Serena's wedding dress, just wow, Blake Lively looked absolutely stunning shooting these scenes in a long stunning gold and cream strapless dress, complete with corset top and princess-style tulle skirt. I cannot wait to see these scenes but will be very sad as this is the end.

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