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Health Post: Dealing with Psoriasis

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I'm going to be talking about how to deal with a health condition called Psoriasis: The condition is a non-contagious autoimmune disease whereby skin rapidly accumulates in patches on the body, causing a build up of dry, irritated and scaly skin. (Yahoo) - so if you are struggling with it or know friends that do or just want to learn about it because it can appear any time so just be-ware then yea have a long read...

I know not everyone in the UK has this skin disease but guess what, I do! and believe it or not there is a lot more people in the world that has it than just here...I haven't done that much research into it because I don't like the pictures that sometimes come up even though I can see it on my own skin it's not exactly pleasant but when I saw Kim Kardashian struggling with it on her reality show KUWTK I thought maybe it will give people a better understanding as to what we have to put up with on a daily basis because it can get really bad and spread to all different places on the body, lucky for Kim she just said she had it on her stomach and legs, I actually have it on my legs, body, lower back, elbows, head, behind my ears and arms, quite a lot of places but I am just glad to be missing the some other delicate places which I am sure you will agree with and apologies to people that do struggle with it there..I definitely know I am grateful for that at least.

(credit: REX)

I moved about a lot as a child so that was a lot of stress for just my age at 8 years old when I had quite a few friends, good school etc I had to re-do it ALL and actually start again, but my problem was I kept starting again which really wasn't good for me...I was struggling with keeping friends, bullying, moving, growing up and to help with most of that I ate, I kept eating a lot of junk which has had a major effect on this disease for me because it irritates it and so does stress. My dad also has Psoriasis but he gets it much worse than me but always manages to get rid of it eventually, but as I got older people were noticing it and saying nasty stuff like kids do I guess, saying I had nits ..I need to wash my hair.. I have bad dandruff, they just didn't understand and it was really unfair because my mum had to keep explaining to all my teachers what it was and handing in doctor letters for it because the teachers started questioning me scratching my head all the time but the truth was, I was nervous with a lot of anxiety at school so I obviously was gonna scratch and get agitated and it just sucked. Lucky for me I have friends that don't comment on it and they just get on with their day without having to say one thing about it, not even look either.

It actually came to a point later as I grew up in my late teens I had anxiety with it going on public transport travelling to college all the time because I kept thinking the person beside me or behind me was staring at it and just thinking nasty stuff so I was always sort of chugging my jacket up a bit even though it wasn't hiding anything it just made me feel that little bit better when really I should of just sat there comfortable not caring because this isn't my fault - yes I can help it from getting really bad but it comes back constantly and you just need to deal with it. As a result of all this I suggested to my dad to get some sort of medication from the doctors which I absolute hate but it was a must if I wanted to get most of it cleared it up and I got prescribed two different ones:

|Dovonex Ointment Calcipotriol by LEO which was for my skin areas| 

|Scalp Solution for my head|

 next time you go to your doctors seriously ask for these! 

They have worked so good for me and my dad and I keep using them both all the time every day to help it clear up especially if your a girl wanting to wear a nice dress with no tights and your like me and have it on your knees, you might think.."Oh no, get me tights!" but with this, It will help that problem and boys too for shorts or whatever else, this does help. Lately I have read in the media about famous model Cara Delevingne having it and suffering really bad on her catwalks and most of it is due to stress which is obviously understandable and I also read Britney Spears is the same and suffers with it on her ankles and there is some media attention around all 3 ladies and some of it can be a bit over the top but maybe if they spoke up about it to make young girls and boys feel better that are struggling to deal with it, give them a little confidence because of who they are to us - Role Models it would perhaps help a lot.

(credit: REX)

Cara has slightly put a downer note on it by saying she could end up giving up runway modelling because of it but I don't think she should..I don't think it should be that big a deal for people because she is gorgeous and obviously has the body for all the clothes so that should be all that matters instead of staring at her skin and thinking "what on earth is that?" It all seems a bit far fetched...I just think more people should speak up about it instead of sitting hiding away and stopping yourself from doing what you love because of it. It is in no way the new 'in' thing to have because I have read someone's comment on an article saying that, it is one of the worst health conditions anyone can ever have, not just models.

Share this post if you think it might help someone, I know it's not exactly the best advice or in depth post about it but I hope it will help some people who are struggling to deal with it and just make sure they know they can feel confident! It's not your psoriasis your being judged on..your dress/shorts/outfit will stand out more! Please feel free to comment if you struggle with it or know anyone that does and maybe put some advice as well. ~Follow Your Dreams~

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