Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mini Christmas Lush Haul

Magic Wand : £4.95 -  Reusable Bubble Bar, just swoosh it around the bath like a magic wand and bubbles will appear smelling like snow fairy, which is sort of like candy, can be used up to 6 baths as well - amazing!

Star Light, Star Bright : £3.30 - Bath melt with shea butter inside (which apparently is good for psoriasis, so try this out guys!! Also try out the body butter from Body Shop as well as that is where I was told this and do a review to see if it worked with yours) run it under the tap and your bath will turn turquoise and glimmer giving it that extra sparkle.

Snow Fairy : £4.95 - Full of glittery bits inside giving it that extra secret sparkle that everyone loves for a great massage bar, it does melt really quick but once you get it on you, you want to get it again because it makes you feel so relaxed, perhaps use it after a night with the magic wand? [and that has no innuendo in it haha]

Secret Santa : £5.75 - Not a favourite price wise but then again you have to try it to see if it is worth it! You can get up to 6 baths with this bath bomb as well and inside the mini grotto is a little santa waiting to go in the bath as well, I love how the brightness of this bomb and can't wait to use it. It just brings that extra christmasy Lush feel!

All of the products above together, the more the products last- the more it will be worth the money!

Hi Everyone,

I done a 'Mini Christmas Lush Haul' recently while I was staying near Glasgow for University and just couldn't help myself as I love the Christmas products they get in ..I know some people may think that the likes of bath bombs, melts etc are too pricey for just what they are but some of them can last for quite a while so it is worth it and also you get a lovely relaxing  bath out them if nothing else which I am sure everyone can agree on is one of the best things. Lush is one of my favourite places and as soon as I walk in I just want to stay there forever, the smell is just so gorgeous! It is too strong for some people(my mum) haha but she has to cope when I go in because I just get everything and if you've never had one of their products before or maybe you have and want to try something new then you get great customer service where they will show you how they turn out, trust me when I say I am never afraid to ask for this because you want to know if it will be worth buying but then again everything from Lush always is and if you haven't yet then perhaps you will find a Christmas gift for a friend from this post.

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