Sunday, 29 December 2013

Glitter and Velvet nails: Would you try it?

Hi everyone,

In my Christmas stocking I got a 2 little glitter packs with fuschia nail polish, now I know I was going to get this because I was actually with my mum at the time she bought it from a shop called Watt Brothers in Glasgow and they do some great nail polishes in there. I saw a red one and it looked super christmasy but I already had my nails done blue so I was in need of buying nail polish remover which I some how forgot to do until today when I went into town and saw Velvet nails in Superdrug!

I instantly kept staring at them and was so wanting to buy but I wanted to wait..does anyone else think there is something a bit tacky about them? yet still amazing haha - Just wanna point out Blake Lively had hers done velvet for her wedding! Wow, very bold move...I know Alexa Chung has leather ones as well but I need to actually think if I would like my nails done like that because it can get really messy..I got the magnetic nail kit before but I don't have the patience for it so it just sort of sits on in my drawer..Hmm let me know what you think for now I have glitter nails to bring in the new year!

Accessorize Velvet Nails Blue Suede {In case anyone hasn't seen them}

My messy glittery nails! I just wanted to try them out to see if I liked them and I do!! ..I like the small sized glitter rather than the big silver chunks better though...

This kind of glitter 'bling' is my favourite because it looks more tidy, normally I just use a sinful colors with two nail polishes but I wanted something different.

Apologies for pool quality photo's, the lighting in my room is horrible and then the camera battery died!! 

Packaging comes like this, this picture was from Google:

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