Friday, 3 January 2014

Health Post: Products that could help sufferers of Psoriasis

Hi everyone ---- HAPPY NEW YEAR!,

Third day into the New Year and I am doing my first post of 2014 which is surprisingly going to be a Health Post! I hope everyone had a fantastic 2013 and continues to do so for the year ahead....Enjoy!

I previously done a psoriasis post last year with the main title being 'Health Post' and I am considering doing a lot more of these as I am the type of person that gets quite easily stressed about things and it can start irritating me and then I constantly scratch. I often get asked at the hairdressers if it's sore and my reply is weirdly ''No'' all the time, perhaps just used to having it I guess that's just how it works with me. However, recently Soap & Glory are getting more and more attention (which I do love, because all their products are amazing) but one of them stood out to me which was called 'Flake Away' [picture below] and I researched some reviews on it and there are a few sufferers of psoriasis that have used it and said it really did work after a certain amount of weeks, inside the product has SHEA butter which is also meant to be good for it which I will continue talking about with the Body Butter from The Body Shop in a moment but Flake Away has a sandy texture to it and once you rub it on you must then wait till all of it is away to rinse out, I have just tried it so I will try let everyone know some feedback from it in a month's time.

The second product I got before Christmas time upon doing shopping for my best friend in The Body Shop for a bath set was some Body Butter[picture below], now I never usually get these type of products because I know they irritate my psoriasis and I will be scratching for ages which I don't like because it makes me look like I have something else, so I asked the lovely lady in the shop which one she thought would be good and she said a lot of psoriasis sufferers have been saying how much it helps with moisturising and softening it for it to eventually go away after a while. Inside the body butter is SHEA and that is what is standing out to people because inside Flake Away product it has it too so perhaps there is a pattern going on with it? I have no idea as of yet as I am just starting like any of you that come across this post and want to start it yourselves, I am so into trying new ointments and products for psoriasis because I have been suffering with it for years and it can affect your confidence in many ways which is so unfair. I would definitely give these products a go and leave comments letting others know, even myself how it transformed yours to better or worse? 

Soap & Glory's: FLAKE AWAY, Body Polish

Body Shop's Body Butter: SHEA

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