Saturday, 15 March 2014

Easter Lush Haul

Hello Readers,

As you all know last year I done a 'Mini Christmas Lush Haul' and because I know how much the ladies and perhaps some guys love a good lush haul and that store in general I thought why not do a Easter Lush haul? and So I did. Last week I bought some products and they are so pretty and smell delicious and I wish all my readers could smell them through their laptops/electronic devices (ha!). I get so excited when I shop in Lush and always go slightly overboard by making sure everyone notices as well (I really can't help it), it has some of the most amazing bath bombs, melts, soaps, scalp products etc that smell delicious and fit in with different seasons to make it more fun so I hope you all enjoy this post and get shopping in Lush! I also wanted to share that they are doing Mother's Day gift sets at the moment so if you want to check them out then here is the link - Lush - Mother's Day

Bunch of Carrots ; Reusable Bubble Bars, priced at £5.95

Secret Garden ; Bath Bomb, priced at £2.95

The Immaculate Eggception - Yellow ; Bath Bomb, priced at £6.95

Fluffy Egg ; Bath Bomb, priced at £2.95

Golden Egg ; Bath Bomb, priced at £3.50

Had to keep the Golden Egg in it's bag because it's full of glitter but I just had to get it when I saw it, I think you really need to be into Lush to buy their products because some people will look and be astonished at the prices for what they are getting without realising the value or reusing and having a smaller bomb inside the bigger one like the Secret Santa at Christmas, the huge Eggception has the exact same with a smaller one inside. There are a few more Easter Lush products I haven't bought (I'd probably add in a YET as I will no doubt end up getting them as I'm never out of the store) but you can check them out online or pop in at one near by but just be warned; you will want to buy at least one thing once you walk in and smell that deliciousness all Lush customers enjoy.

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