Sunday, 25 December 2011

In the trend: Leopard Print Leggings

Leopard Print Leggings have been in trend for quite a while now, It's certainly a hit with the celebrities as you can see above with the likes of Cheryl Cole and Miley Cyrus. I adore Leopard print as you would know from previous posts but these are definitely my new favourite, I bought a pair from New Look and they look really nice on, you can see a vary of styles for leopard print leggings on there too, there was a red pair not that long ago and Jesy (From Little Mix) had them on during the time she was spotted out & about when on the Xfactor, they look really nice too and I am sure they will be back on sale soon just because of christmas everything is near sold out. Amy Childs at the top has a totally different style with see-through slashes in the middle right down to her ankles which also looks pretty nice.