Saturday, 17 December 2011

Katie Piper attends Prince Edward Theatre to see "Jersey Boys"

I first of all have to say that Katie Piper is such an inspiration to everyone after what happened to her and I watched her documentary when it was on and it was so emotional but let you see everything that went on after it. She has moved on with her life so well and she done a Katie : My Beautiful Friends special thing before that I watched and it was great, you can donate to her foundation by going here Katie Piper Foundation. The main reason I am blogging about her though is obviously her sexy outfit she had on! Wow, She looked really hot and I love those tights! You can get them from Next and River Island at a reasonable price. I got the ones from Next and I love them. She's wearing black lace hot pants and cream top with black lace trim sleeves, She matched her tights with a pair of black heels, she looked stunning.

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