Friday, 16 December 2011

Cheryl Cole unveils new collection of high heels

Cheryl Cole has released a new collection of high heels, she realises that not alot of girls can walk in very high painful stilettos, she has went for a more comfort look for her collection, She has done ranges from red carpet appearances to just out and about day time look and smart chic. Cheryl has described her shoes as "killer shoes that don't kill your feet" - which I love! She took everything to do with the designs and she even created names for each style. More heels will be added to her collection in the New Year. Here are some picture's and price tags :

Your Royal Hotness in midnight noir - £79.90 
(This one was named after Miss Pippa Middleton)

Ri Ri - £119.85
 (This one was named after Rihanna)

Byker Grove - £119.85
(This one was taken from the Geordie TV show that was set in her home town)

Head to Stylistpick and get shopping! 

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