Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kylie Jenner spotted in a Rock-ish styled outfit

I just had to post about this outfit, it was definitely my favourite look I have seen her in. A rock-ish feel to it as well, I had seen pictures of Kylie Jenner being papped when she was out and about with some of her family in New York and she had on a blue polka dot blouse with a black leather skirt. She had on a pair of black socks and leather boots. I have always loved her style but this one stood out to me recently. It's definitely an outfit that is her taste, bold and it makes her stand out. The tabloids sometimes give Kylie and her sister Kendall who is also being papped in the picture also some criticism about their choice of outfits because of their age but I think they look gorgeous and I suppose not just that, the girls are being papped everywhere they go so they might want to feel that extra bit good.

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