Tuesday, 21 August 2012

First look at Solange Knowles first major contract with Madewell

Pictures have just been released of Solange Knowles modelling for Madewell which is her first major contract. Solange is following in the footsteps of Dree Hemingway and Alexa Chung who have previously modelled for the label, though Alexa then went on to design her own clothes for the label. Solange recently moved to Brooklyn with her son to fit as her sister kept telling her over the years that it would be her 'kind of neighbourhood' and she would fit in with the style because she is such a Fashionista! In the pictures above she is wearing some bright colours and it definitely suits her. Solange is wearing polka-dots shorts, blouses stripey cardigan, denim jeans, leopard dolly shoes, printed skirts and T-shirts, hats and bright coloured dresses. It gives you the perfect feel of what is to come for Solange in the fashion world and it looks like it could just be the perfect career for her.

Madewell, which is J. Crew's sister store, first released behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot earlier this month which offered a hint at the wide range of polka dots, stripes and prints from its Fall 2012 collection.


  1. Her campaign is amazing!!! I think Solange has great style and I know that sometimes her outfits don't always work but at least she's so happy to experiment and try new things. I'm obsessed with the first look and the fun yellow heels!


  2. Very cool post!


  3. Solange always looks amazing!