Saturday, 25 August 2012

Nominated for a Liebster Award

I was the same with Brandi who nominated me for the Liebster Award, I had no clue as to what it actually was so I was pleased to see that she had written about the information on her post and I am just gonna *copy and paste* what she wrote so everyone understands properly - The Leibster Award has several variations around the Internet. One of the original posts from 2010 say that this award is for bloggers with under 3000 followers. The current says under 200.

There are rules to this award, so without further ado -
- Each person must post eleven things about themselves.
- Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you.
- Choose eleven people and tag them in this post.
- Follow the tagger and visit at least three nominees.

My 11 things :
1) I have always wanted to be a writer, whether that was writing books, journalist etc but as I got older I changed it to just  a journalist.
2) My lucky number is 22
3) I love reading
4) I love going to the cinema and just watching movies all day
5) I like going long walks
6) I really want to go to go travelling
7) I watch far too many TV shows
8) I really want to meet the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards :p haha
9) I am always on my laptop but it's broken at the moment so I am on my mum's computer until Septempter when I can buy one with my student loan cause I will obviously need it for college as well.
10) I enjoy reading up on celebrity gossip
11) Bubbly

Questions from that the nominees are to answer :

1) I like to do a mixture of fashion posts- latest fashion lines, celebrity fashion, shoes, summer/winter clothes etc. I know I don't post much about myself other than 'I love leopard print' but it's just the way I do my blog. I might start taking pictures and letting everyone see my style or do more posts about just clothes that are 'in' to get for winter soon but for now this is the way my blog is rather than just the one thing.
2) Reading, Watching TV Shows/Movies, being on my laptop, spending time with my best friend leanne and going SHOPPING!
3) Mascara and Foundation
4) Casual, Playful, Girly - I like a little bit of everything! I am not one of these people though that can wear something even if I don't suit it. I don't do a lot of floral stuff because of that reason because some of the designs of the flowers placed on dresses etc make you look bigger.
5) I have been blogging since last November and I really enjoy it!
6) Ah! Seriously..I have so many but I shall do a favourite classic/romance and up to date one though  to make it easy on myself haha, Favourite classic: The Goonies/ Romance: 27 dresses/ Up to date film: The Dark Knight Rises
7) I follow mostly fashion but I have a few that are different for just writing posts and sharing experiences, beauty blogs and photography, if anybody that I follow reads my post feel free to comment and let people know your URLs.
8) Journalist! It's my dream. It would be amazing if it was fashion, but even just celebrity or something slightly relating to that then it would be perfect.
9) bubbly, loud, friendly, hard worker, helpful
10) My mum's curry!
11) I would like to tell the world that I am hoping to make something of myself and I hope to one day get to travel to NYC(My favourite place) and secondly be something in the 'journalism' world.

My 11 Nominees :

I have to go off the guide lines for my last one(Sorry!!) I know she won't see it but Ashley Madekwe's blog is amazing and I love her in 'Revenge' right now so I must share her link-  (Make sure you follow her)

My Questions for You :
1) Why do you enjoy blogging so much?
2) What is your style like?
3) Favourite book to read?
4) Do you have any beauty tips? 
5) What is your favourite place in the world?
6) Who is your Fashion Icon(s)?
7) What is your favourite piece of clothing to buy?
8) What magazines do you buy?
9) What is the one piece of clothing/jewellery you wear everywhere? 
10) Favourite TV Show at the moment?
11) Are you looking forward to any fashion lines coming out?

Thank you so much for my nomination. I very much appreciate it and I hope fashionista's that come on here check out your blog as you very much deserve it. 


  1. Wow! congratulations for this award!

    I leave you my blog because I think that you like it!! I'm following you!

  2. Thank you :)

    I just followed back!