Saturday, 1 September 2012

Elizabeth Olsen poses with pink wig on for her edgy winter wonderland themed shoot

Elizabeth Olsen is seen posing in the Fashion magazine 'Bullett' with a pink wig for an edgy winter wonderland themed shoot, she is surrounded by silver and snow white trees. She's seen wearing a lot of pink, white and lilac in the photo's. In the magazine she talks about love, how she's getting further with her acting career and she's trying to separate from her sister's but not in a bad way, just to make sure people know she has made the effort herself and not got in by her sisters. Elizabeth is currently filming Very Good Girls alongside Dakota Fanning but she is also preparing for the general release of her new movie Liberal Arts.

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  1. she looks stunning! thanks for the follow...i've added you on bloglovin!

    xoxo Vittoria