Saturday, 15 September 2012

Kylie Jenner turns Rock Chic for Avril Lavigne's show at Fashion Week

Kylie Jenner turned Rock Chic for Avril Lavigne's show at New York Fashion Week, she was seen strutting her stuff down the runway in some of the clothing from Avril's line 'Abbey Dawn' it was her 2013 Spring/Summer Collection. Kylie was seen cuddling up to the singer in a picture on the red carpet before the show started. I love that Kylie keeps being asked to model for Avril's fashion show's because it's definitely her kind of style and it suits her really well. Kylie was seen wearing red hotpants and a studded bondage suspender belt with a white vest top that had a printed red skull on it with the writing 'Hello Sailor' , it went with her black studded leather jacket that was detailed in lace and had printed skulls on the sleeves and the back and her black studded heels. She was also seen modelling a white dress that had printed letters over it and teamed it with a pink bag and yellow studded heels. Her other outfit choice was a blue and white striped dress that had printed bones on it.

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  1. The shorts with the suspenders are to die for! I like the look of Abbey Dawn's new collection, it seems to have matured from what it used to be. The skeleton dress is cute too.
    Not so keen of Avril's new hair, the shaven side is a bit dated now. I had it ages ago, and it's such a pain to grow out :') xoxo