Monday, 28 November 2011

'Accessorize & Crystalize' - Cute new bags!

I had to blog about these GORGEOUS new personalised bags!! I love them! I first saw Amelia-Lily pictured with her bag and I thought "that's cute" because Amelia does have such wonderful taste in fashion, I was thinking - that's not a bag you would normally see her with! but she suited it, then  Little Mix above were pictured with there's and I thought it was an Xfactor thing? but No...I saw Brooke Vincent from Corrie with one and I had to do some research on it, I found the girl on twitter and read through her tweets to find she has a facebook where you can look at the picture's for examples and you just e-mail her and put your name on a "reserve list" just now because she has stopped taking Xmas orders at the moment because she was getting so many..there is also a 'contact' tab at the left hand side of the facebook page which will probably hold the details for everything when she starts ordering again, I am definitely gonna try get one, their so unusual but so super cute and girly!

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