Saturday, 26 November 2011

Katy Perry's AMA dress with Communist Party's favourite slogan leaves China laughing

Katy Perry was made sure she was in limelight at the AMA's on the red carpet, she had on a light pink dress, with some unique designs around the chinese language made by the wonderful designer Vivienne Westwood. Lu Se Jing Ji - translated as Green Economy was printed onto the her stunning dress the phrase is actually popular with Chinese leaders keen to make their nation more eco-friendly. It has sparked debate as to whether Vivienne Westwood and Katy Perry indeed support the Chinese government, or are mocking them with the phrase. Chinese president Hu Jintao recently used it as a theme in a speech last month, when he told Asian leaders he was 'committed to grow a green economy'. It's been given a mixed reception online and just generally in the media. One person has said 'I know all characters look the same to westerners, but as a designer wouldn't it be better to look up their meaning in the dictionary first?' but Vivienne Westwood has said she is aware of the meaning and She put on her website that her Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which also includes 'Mao hats and jackets' had been inspired by China's traditional wisdom.

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