Sunday, 20 November 2011

New Arrivals - Oasis Stores

Look Dream Dress £60 

Are you going to a Christmas party with friends or family? this is the dress for you! It's got bare lace sleeves and lace for the main body but covered behind so nothing is shown, the back drops down in a V shape for a zip to come up, it has a cute black bow at the front and back, on front the bow is dazzled and back is just basic and plain but still cute.

Black Faux Fur Collarless Belted Coat £120 

This is the best way to stay cosy this winter, it goes right down to half your thighs to keep you fully warm. The belt is just basic black but has some details on it to keep it looking nice. Nobody wants to be ill for Christmas or New Years do they? So why not, buy this and stay warm! 

Cherry Coloured Jeans £45

These Jeans are must have this season! Everyone loves the new fashion trend "Colour Block" so why not give it a try with these? It has an elastane which hugs your curves beautifully.

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